We will not forget your work and the love you have shown us
We sustainably connect you with the people of the Holy Land
We humbly add value and meaning to you and others

Holy Land Tours offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of spiritual enrichment, a chance for you to walk in the steps of our Lord to share meals, worship, fellowship and prayer with indigenous Christians of the Holy Land.

We provide a safe and spiritually enriching experience of the Holy Land. It is not like other tours, in the sense that pilgrims on our trips are given opportunities to meaningfully engage with the indigenous Christians who have kept the Holy Sites of Christendom safe and maintained in their custodial care for centuries.

Your journey is our vocation. Our pilgrimages are 100% mission-driven, with us you will live your own experience and faith. Your pilgrimages with us are joyful, spiritual and affordable.

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Holy Land Roots is dedicated to reviving the industry and opening markets for traditional workshops of the Bethlehem Area. We will provide them with opportunities to promote and sell their products, taking special care to highlight the uniqueness of their work. For centuries, pilgrims, religious institutions, churches and Christians worldwide supported this industry. Today we rely on them more than ever, to join our efforts in embedding hope, creativity and sustainability into Palestinian Christian Handicrafts.

Facing the challenges of today, we are aiming at not only selling these crafts but also building deep appreciation for their art and spirit through partnerships with you in order to strengthen this industry and preserve its genuine Christian spirit. That’s why our product’s brand is: AMEN.

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